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´╗┐When Filing Your State Income Taxes


Many people think that filing your state income taxes is an easy process. However, for some people filing their taxes is a horrendous job!

For most people, they think that when they file their state income taxes their going to be getting a refund back. However, there are many people that do not pay enough taxes into the state or government; therefore, they must pay more money into the state. Just because people file their state income taxes does not mean anything!

When people file their state income taxes; it only means that they are paying the taxes that are due to the state. However, the money that they are paying is not a set amount; everyone does not pay the same. In fact, when people file their state income taxes, the percentage that a person/couple pays is set by how much money they grossed in that particular year. However, each state has there own set rate of income taxes. In fact, some states may have a flat rate while other states have a couple different rates that vary on what the income is. In fact, as there are some states that have the same tax percentage, there are other states that are higher or lower. In fact, there are other states that are much higher or lower. According to the government, the highest income tax percentage is at 9.5% which belongs with Vermont State; and the lowest income tax percentage which is a flat rate percentage is 3%; which belongs to Illinois.

Another very important thing to know when filing your state income taxes is the due date of them. There are some states that have different due dates, however, most of them share the same date; which is April 15th. Also, if it is needed and accepted, some states offer an extension. The extension then gives you a due date of October 15th. In most cases, extensions are given to those that are self-employed or other jobs such as running a day care.

Although most states do have state income taxes that need to be paid, there are other states that have absolutely no income taxes. Those states that have no income taxes are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming, and Texas. There are also a few states that limit there income taxes to only dividends and interest income.

Whether you are paying the state income taxes for the first time or have been for years; that is definitely one thing a person cannot get rid of unless they don't work!! Also, there is no way of getting around it; so don't try running from the government!

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